Four Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

A sewer system is crucial in maintaining a hygienic and a healthy home. However, various issues can lead to sewer problems. The most common cause of sewer line issues is the invasion of tree roots into the sewer line, which can lead to clogged lines. Another reason is the waste that’s flushed down your toilet causing a clog. In other cases, there may be no at all clog; but the sewer pipes may break down due wear and tear and aging. A drain problem can lead to sewer backup coming out of the drains. In such a situation, the result may be significant damage to your home and also a costly sewer line repair or replacement. In case you see or suspect a potential sewer issue, call accompany providing DC sewer services for inspection immediately. The inspection can save you from the escalating sewer and plumbing problems.


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Slow Drains


If your toilet, sink or bathtub is not draining properly even after the sewer line clean up, you may be having some underlying issues such as tree roots or cracks invading your sewer pipes. A slow drain is an indication that something is forming up in the sewer system which may lead to a sewage backup. You should avoid using chemicals in solving slow drainage issues since the chemicals only will eat away the pipes causing more damage.


Sewer Backups




Sewer blockages and backups typically occur in the lowest open drain due to a blockage in the sewer line. If you are experiencing a sewer backup every time you run water down your bathroom drain or sink, the most common problem is likely to be in your main sewer line since all your pipes rely on it to drain properly. If the backups are limited to a single drain, then your problem could be isolated to that particular drain. You can seek the services of a professional plumber to clean your pipes, and the drains will work properly once more.


Foul Smell From The Drains


If you can smell sewer odor in your home, it is a clear sign that there is a crack somewhere in your sewer line. A sewer is typically air-tight everywhere apart from the vent stacks on the roof that allows the sewage to move downhill. So you should never experience any foul smell unless there is an opening or a crack in your sewer system.


Cracks In The Foundation And Sinkholes


Extreme signs of sewer system deterioration may include foundation problems like cracks, settlements, and sinkholes. If the mainline that runs under the slab develops a leak that remains unattended for an extended period, a crack will develop in your foundation. The void may lead to foundation issues such as cracks, settlements in the building or worst cases a sinkhole. If you spot any of these problems, you should contact a foundation repair specialist as soon as possible.

In conclusion, in case you are experiencing some of these signs of a potential sewer issue, or you want to prevent sewer problems from escalating, plan for a professional to inspect your system. Plumbing systems can terribly fail if left unattended causing extensive damage to your home. There are many methods of repairing sewers out there so you should ensure to seek the advice of a DC sewer service before you make any decisions.

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