Five Crazy Things People Do To Ruin Their Plumbing

If you are searching for a career with job security, consider becoming a plumber. This advice is based on two inevitable truths. First, people are always going to need access to plumbing that works properly. Also, people are always going to do questionable things to stop their plumbing from functioning correctly. Keep in mind that being a plumber is an admirable job.

The crazy things that people do to ruin their plumbing can be remarkable. There are five things that create plumbing issues that can be avoided. To some, avoiding a plumbing issue may seem like common sense. There are people that are unaware of what they should do to maintain their homes’ plumbing systems correctly.


Do Not Leave Hoses Connected In The Wintertime


Leaving a hose connected to the water faucet outside is a common plumbing error. Unlike Christmas lights, water hoses can damage your plumbing, if not removed during colder seasons. If the hose freezes onto the spout, this can impact the faucet and the supply line. Not to mention, you will have to replace your hose as well.


Do Not Use Lots Of Drain Cleaners


When used properly, drain cleaners can effectively help clear clogged drains. But anything can be hazardous when it is used in excess. If too much drain cleaner is used, it can corrode the drain materials, and make the clog worse.


Do Not Pour Grease Down The Kitchen Drain


Most people can recall watching their mothers or grandmothers cooking, and pouring the grease from their meals into the kitchen sink. If this has become a habit for you, stop doing it. Pouring grease down your sink can destroy your piping system. Grease is one of the most common reasons why drains clog.


Do Not Put Anything Into Vent Pipes


Most people do not understand what the significance of a vent pipe is. There have been people who have run electrical lines such as television cable into their homes through their plumbing vent pipes. Contrary to widespread belief, vent pipes do serve a purpose.

The pipes are put into place to allow air to flow through the drains. This helps to promote drainage, and prevent suction. The air flow also helps eliminate sewer gases that come through the sewer main. If a hole is cut through the vent pipes, sewer air will seep into your home, requiring you to call on sewer services in DC to fix the issue.


Do Not Throw Trash In Your Toilet




Not throwing trash into a toilet seems like common sense. But one of the most common reasons why plumbers are called into a residence is to fix a clogged toilet that is caused by an object. There are lots of people that believe if they flush something down the toilet, they will be rid of it forever.

When something is flushed down the toilet, it does not disappear into the great beyond. Instead, it will lead to a drain pipe that is roughly three inches around. This pipe leads into a different drain pipe that controls the drainage in your entire home. Trash can accumulate in one space, causing a huge clog in your entire piping system.


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