How To Fix A Smelly Drain

Considering the tasks that they carry out, it is miraculous that our sanitation systems do not smell up a home. The good thing is when operating properly, they do not. If your drains suddenly start dispersing a smell, this could mean one of two things. Your drains are clogged, and sewer gas is present. Generally, resolving a smelly drain issue is not difficult.


How To Determine Where The Smell Is Coming From


Before attempting to resolve the issue, you need to identify which drain is releasing the pungent odor. To determine which drain is causing the problem, cover the suspected drain with a plastic bag or some tape. This should prevent the smell from escaping, if this is the drain causing the issue. Once the culprit has been identified, you can either call DC drain and sewer service or attempt to fix the problem on your own.


Clogged Drains


DC Plumber kitchen drain


Drains that are clogged or possess lots of gunk can carry a smell. There are a few ways to determine if this is the culprit. A slow drain is one way to determine if this is the cause for the smell. Drains that are partially clogged will not be able to eliminate waste properly, which will lead to buildup in the pipes.

This could eventually lead to a severe problem, if it is not dealt with promptly. A foul odor in the air is usually the first sign that crud buildup could be the culprit. The bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and shower are all areas that are prone to clogs.


Sewer Gas Is In The Air


If it smells like raw sewage in your home, that is exactly what it is. Every drain in your residence should have a trap device.  A trap is a U-shaped piping piece that holds onto a small amount of water. The amount of water held by the pipe creates a plug that prevents sewage gases from rising out of the drain.

There are a few reasons why these gases may escape into a residence. One reason is there was not a trap installed in the piping system. If no trap is installed, you will smell gas always. If the drain has not been properly vented, this can cause a suction effect, forcing gases to release into your home.


Clogs Can Be Tough


Most people upon initially encountering a stinky sink will pour some chemical down it to eliminate the odor. If you suspect that the problem is a clog, chances are you may pour some drain cleaner down into the pipes to unclog it yourself. The problem is if there is a clog, then the drain cleaner will not do anything.

The only thing the cleaner will do is turn your home into a chemical site. This is the reason why plumbers choose to use snakes or pressurized water to eliminate the clog, not chemicals. In ordinary clogs, these simple things can fix the problem. The next time that you assume that a stinky drain may be caused by a clog, do not attempt to use chemicals to treat the problem. Instead, call a professional plumber to fix the problem for you.

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