Pipe Cleaning Techniques Used To Clear Clogged Drains

Pipe cleaning is not what it used to be. These days, plumbers have access to modern technology to assist them with clearing out clogged drains. The piping systems in older homes differ from those in newer dwellings. Due to these differences, clogged pipes may need to be unclogged differently.

Traditional unclogging methods were to use a large snake to push the item clogging the pipe through the system. Large snakes are still used, but in older homes they can over-stress the plumbing, leading to more issues. Leaks and other extensive repairs may be required if a snake is used to unclog a drain in an older home.

Two advanced technologies used by professional DC drain services include power-rodding and hydro-jetting. Only a professional drain service can unclog drains in this matter. Specialized training is required, to ensure the machine is being used properly.



What Is Power-Rodding?


Power-rodding is an innovative technology that emulates the design of a traditional plumber’s snake. Although the design may be the same, the tasks that can be accomplished with this tool are modern. It not only unclogs the pipes, but it also cleans them. When using the tool, a plumber will thread the pipe into the drain, to locate the clog.

Once in the drain, the tiny razor blades on the outer surface of the tool will go to work. An electric motor rotates the tools cable at high speeds. The sharp blades scour the walls of the pipe, while also eliminating the clog in the line. The clog and sludge build up is broken down into tiny pieces, and flushed out of the system.


The Hydro-Jetting Technique


Hydro-jetting uses high-pressure water to flush out clogs and clean out the pipes at the same time. A plumber will thread the tool into the pipe, and turn the water on. The cleaning head on the opposing end of the lines precision nozzles, discharge water at 3500 psi.

The pressure provided by the water, acts like a knife, cutting through any obstructions within the piping system. This method will not only clear out a clog, but it also removes any sludge in its path. The force of the water breaks down the clog and sludge into small particles, flushing it through the piping system.


Does Specialized Equipment Have To Be Used To Clean All Clogs?


DC camera inspection


Clogged drains are a common plumbing dilemma. Most people resort to calling a professional service when they are not able to remedy the problem on their own. Even though professional equipment can be used to clear clogs from a clogged line, it is not always necessary.

Usually power-rodding and hydro-jetting are used on cleaning pipes in older homes. The piping systems in older homes are delicate. Time can cause the pipes to rust or break away, making the task of cleaning a clog difficult. Advanced technologies are employed for these types of services. Small clogs will still warrant the plumber to use a traditional snake. The equipment used to clear out a clogged drain can impact the cost of the drain cleaning service.

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