Five Common Plumbing Repairs

If you are facing some plumbing issues in your home, most probably you are not alone. Most plumbing matters are typically considered as common problems. If you are not comfortable handling the problems yourself, DC plumbing repairs have the sound knowledge and experience to tackle any plumbing issue efficiently and quickly. Below are the five common plumbing repairs that people require from time to time.


Leaking Faucets


If one of your taps is dripping and turning off the faucet is doing nothing to stop the drip, then you have a leaky faucet, which is a common plumbing problem. You can’t leave a leaking faucet for too long since it can cause damage to your house and raise the cost of your monthly water bill. If you are facing a leaky faucet, the main reason could be a worn out washer. Ensure that you check the washers and replace them if they are worn out.


Low Water Pressure


There’s nothing as disappointing as trying to take a shower with a low water pressure. Low water pressure in a shower is also a common plumbing problem. If you are facing this issue, it means there’s a buildup of limescale. If you prefer solving the problem yourself, take off the shower head and then soak it in a descaling solution to wash it clean.


Clogged Drain


If your sink is not draining properly after shaving or washing your dishes, then you are facing a common plumbing problem.  Drains are typically prone to wear and tear due to their frequent use. Large residues being flushed through a drain may get stuck, blocking the flow of water and leading to a clog. However, most of the clogging issues can be sorted out using a plunger that causes suction which dislodges the stuck gunk and residues. When you are unclogging your sink, fill it with water and then plunge it fast, up and down several times.


DC Plumber kitchen drain


A Clogged Or Running Toilet


Just like a clogged drain, your toilet can also back up if there is a waste buildup or if there’s flushing of large items down it. Similar to a clogged drain, a plunger can also help in unclogging the toilet. If the plunging is not solving the problem, you can also use a snake tool to help you navigate the pipes to break and release any clog. Your toilet may also have running water which means it is not filling up properly after you flush it. The primary cause of this problem may be leaking pipes or build up of sediment, making it difficult for the toilet to flush and fill up correctly. In this case, contact a professional to check it out for you.


No Hot Water


If you are not getting enough hot water or there’s no hot water at all, your water heater might be having a problem. Unlike other common plumbing problems, you should not fix a water heater on your own. Handling a pressurized container can be very dangerous especially if you don’t have the right training and experience. If you have doubts or suspect your water heater has a problem, call a plumbing service for repairs to help you avoid problems in the future and also protect your home from damage.

In conclusion, if you are facing any of these five common plumbing issues and you can’t fix them on your own, contact a company offering DC plumbing repairs, and they will get your plumbing system in working condition in no time.

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