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Increase The Value Of Your Home With A Bathroom Remodel

Selling a home can be hard. If you want to get the most money out of the sale, you may need to remodel the place. The condition of your bathroom can impact the value of your home. Even though the bathroom is not the focal point of a home, its condition can affect the offer made on your home. An outdated bathroom can be the difference between getting top dollar for your home or not.


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Why Is The Bathroom Important?


Most people do not see the value in remodeling the bathrooms in their homes. While you should remodel visual parts of your home first, the bathroom should not be ignored. Bathrooms are ignored in most cases, due to tight remodeling budgets. You do not want prospective buyers to step into a time warp every time they enter the space.

When performing DC bathroom remodeling tasks, the room must be updated to match the style of the rest of the home. Buyers want to buy homes that are turn-key. They want to be able to move their stuff into the dwelling, and not have to worry about updating it to their style. Remodeling the bathroom will give your home an edge over other homes on the market.


Considerations To Make When Remodeling The Bathroom


When remodeling your bathroom, there are a few things to consider. You need to decide if you are going to do a few simple repairs to spruce up the area, or an entire remodel. Simple things that can make changes in the bathroom are painting the walls and changing out the tile. With a large remodel, you will completely revamp the appearance of the area.

If your bathroom has not been remodeled in a while, you should opt for an entire remodel. Completely remodeling the area will require you to purchase new furnishings. A new toilet, tub, sink, and showerhead should be purchased for the remodel. The cost of these fixtures can impact the cost of your home.

For example, if you purchase a high-quality tub, the cost of this appliance can be added to the home’s value. If high-end furnishings fit within your remodeling budget, they should be used. Their appeal can be the deciding point between a buyer choosing to buy or walk.


Should You Hire A Professional?


With all the DIY television shows and websites, most people believe that they can remodel their bathrooms without using a professional. The extent of the remodel will dictate if a professional is needed. If you are going to be completely remodeling the area, a professional plumbing service is needed.

The bathroom can be a dangerous place, if the remodel is not handled correctly. Remember that both water and electricity run into the room. If you do not know what you are doing the remodeling project could become hazardous, quickly.

A professional remodeling service has the skills to complete the remodel safely. Professional companies are aware of what the housing codes are for your area. They will ensure that they receive the proper permissions to perform the work, and that it is done properly.

Three Features To Consider When Choosing A Showerhead

Showers have an impact on our daily lives. They can be used as a tool to set the tone for the day, provide a resting place at night, or refuge from daily stress. The right type of shower head can make a difference when it comes to reaping the benefits of this enjoyable task.

Finding the right type of showerhead to use when performing DC plumbing renovations can be overwhelming. Before beginning your search, there are a few things that need to be considered. The water conditions of your home, water pressure, and your budget should be taken into consideration, prior to making a purchase.

Most people that choose to update their showerheads during a renovation will want the heads to perform specific tasks. These tasks include saving water, offering varying spray options, and filtering chemicals and toxins out of the water. Finding the right type of showerhead for your renovation project is important.


Saving Water


Appliances that are water efficient are popular these days. However, state and federal regulations dictate what types of appliances can be used in each state. Opt for a showerhead that uses no more than two gallons of water per minute. Checking with a local company offering water conditioning and plumbing services can ensure you get the best appliances to fit your needs.


Spray Options


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Our wants and needs change daily, it only makes sense that our showerheads adhere to our moods. After a stressful day, you may choose to get into a light and relaxing shower. Or after a long workout, you may want to feel like you are standing underneath a waterfall, and increase the pressure of the spray.

The good thing about modern technology is you can get a showerhead that offers multiple spraying options. Most models have a minimum of three spray patterns to choose from. This puts you in control of how the water from your shower will hit your body.


Filter Chemicals And Toxins Out Of The Water


Most adults are aware of the chemicals that are used to filter water. Even though the water that is brought into a home has gone through a chemical cleaning process, toxins do get left behind. Water treatment facilities need to ensure the water is safe to drink and use, they do not have to ensure that it is chemically clear.

Chlorine is one chemical that is used to clean water. Most people who are sensitive to chlorine should consider having a showerhead that filters the water. Sprite showerheads are the most common type of showerhead used that filters harmful chemicals from the water. The showerhead will filter chlorine, lead, sediment, and odors.

Plumbing renovations can be fun, if they are being done because of a want and not a need. There are lots of advanced appliances that can be installed in the space. The appliances are designed to make your bathroom experience enjoyable. The showerhead is one thing that gets overlooked in many renovation projects.

Showering is an integral part of the day, and should be enjoyed. This is time for yourself to either get yourself ready to start your day, or relax yourself before going to bed. Picking the right type of showerhead with the features that you want can make all the difference.

Upgrade Options For The Kitchen And Bathroom

Whenever there is an upgrade made to a plumbing system in your residence, it can impact all the plumbing systems in the home. Most people are made aware of the various DC plumbing upgrades that are available when they purchase a new home. The same upgrade options that exist for new homes can also be installed in older dwellings.

When considering plumbing upgrades there are two rooms that are updated. These rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the two primary areas of a home that use water regularly. It only makes since that these are the areas of focus.


Kitchen Updates


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There are three things that can be updated in the kitchen, regarding plumbing. These three things are the sink, the faucets, and the garbage disposals. All three of these items will require water to work properly.


The Sink


Drop style sinks that are made of stainless steel are the standard sink for new construction. The sinks are stain and corrosion resistant. Upgrades to the sink would be opting to have the sink under-mounted. With an under-mount sink, the sink is mounted underneath the counter, and clips are used to hold it in place.


The Faucets


Upgrading a faucet is simple. One of the most common updates to a faucet is to install a spout that pulls out. You can find these faucets through various plumbing fixture companies. The style and finishes of the faucet differ greatly. Make sure you do some research, to locate a faucet that adheres to your needs.


The Garbage Disposal


Garbage disposals can be useful for some. They are not necessary, but if you opt for one, there are always upgraded versions available. Garbage disposals are priced according to their horsepower; the higher the horsepower, the higher the cost.


Bathroom Updates


When considering plumbing updates, one of the main places people consider is the bathroom. The three most common renovations to make in your bathroom are the faucets, toilets, and showers. Deciding on what types of upgrades you want to have performed can be daunting.


The Bathroom Faucets


The first type of upgrade available for the bathroom faucets is the finish. You have the option of choosing between a stainless steel, polished brass, or brushed nickel finish. A widespread faucet is another upgrade that can be made to the bathroom faucets. These types of faucets have separate spouts for hot and cold water.


The Toilets


The design of the standard toilet is not aesthetically appealing. Not to mention, anyone that is over 185lbs cannot stand their design. The seat is relatively small. A few updates that can be done to the toilet are to purchase an elongated bowl, have a higher seat installed, or change the traditional white color of the unit.


The Showers


There are many updates that a shower can have performed. Everything from the walls, to the piping, to the showerhead can be replaced during a renovation. There are a variety of different types of showerheads to choose from, as well as other high-quality finishes that can be applied.



Three Ways To Make Your Bathroom Water Efficient

Renovating an existing bathroom, can be an exciting and fun challenge. With all the things to consider, water or energy efficiency may be two factors that get neglected. The good news is it is not hard to perform bathroom remodeling in DC. This is thanks to new regulations.

It does help to familiarize yourself with the available options to make your bathroom efficient. When creating an energy efficient bathroom, there are three areas to focus on. Focus should be given to the toilets, bathtubs, and showerheads.




When considering water efficiency in your bathroom, you need to start with the toilet. Flushing the toilets in a home account for one third of overall indoor water use. Older toilets use more water than the newer ones available. Houses that have a toilet that was made before 1994 are wasting 3.5 gallons of water, every time that the toilet is flushed.

In comparison, new toilets use 1.6 gallons or less, per flush. This equates to a significant amount of savings on your water bill. There are some models that provide separate flushing options. For liquid waste, to be flushed, these toilets use 0.8-1.1 gallons. While solid waste uses 1.6 gallons.




When it comes to water efficiency, bathtubs get a bad rap. It is understandable, why they are looked at negatively, in this regard. The average bathtub holds anywhere from 30-50 gallons of water, if it is filled up. Before banning anyone from using the tub in your home, keep in mind that choosing a shower over a bath does not make a difference.

The longer you choose to shower, the more water you will use. Most people prefer to shower, and will save bathing for a few select days out of the week. Filling up a bathtub to the half-way point can help cut back on water waste.






The shower is another water-guzzler. Showerheads that were made before 1994 can use up to eight gallons of water per minute, when used for a basic showering session. The updated showerheads use a lesser amount. New showerheads are capped at the amount of water they disperse. The newer showerheads use roughly 2.5 gallons of water a minute.

Lesser water does not mean lesser force. The new showerheads still provide a steady stream of water, just like the previous ones. Low-flow showerheads do exist, but many people are disappointed by the way that they operate. The newer showerheads can help you get an enjoyable shower with using insignificant amounts of water.

People want to save money on their household bills, so they can afford to spend their money for other things they require. When updating or remodeling a bathroom, you need to pay close attention to the appliances that are going to adorn the area. The toilet, bathtub, and showerhead are three upgrades to consider when performing a bathroom remodel.

These three appliances are known for using substantial amounts of water to function. Updating the appliances to newer versions can help conserve water. Low-flow options are also available for added water savings.

How To Stay Warm During The Chilly D.C. Winters

D.C. is lucky in that its winters aren’t as severe as winters in some other cities (Have you been to Minneapolis in January?!). That said, winters in the capital can get pretty chilly and, on rare occasions, downright brutal. This article will list some ways that you can crush the cold here in the Washington, D.C. area. Hopefully these tips will help make your D.C. winters a little more pleasant. As far as traffic is concerned…well…you’re on your own there.


Winterize Your Home


There a few steps that you can take to make sure that your home is ready for a D.C. winter. Most of these steps are meant to ensure that cold air does not come into your house and hot air does not escape. One cheap and easy step is to put a thin, insulating film on your windows. These can be purchased at D.C. area home improvement stores, and can work wonders in preventing heat escape. Speaking of windows, upgrading to storm windows is the best way to make sure your windows are keeping the heat in, and the cold out. D.C. area home improvement stores also sell draft guard: thin strips of insulation that you can place beneath your door, to prevent airflow in the gap between the door and the floor. For a larger overhaul, upgrade to fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass is the optimal material for insulating your home. Finally, make sure all cracks and gaps in your home are sealed tight. Use a caulking gun to seal any cracks you might notice. These simple steps will all add up to make you a lot warmer.


Optimize Your Appliances




Obviously, it is important to make sure that your heater is in good working order. If your heater starts malfunctioning once the cold kicks in, call an HVAC company to come repair it right away. It is also important to make sure the filter in your furnace is clean. This is a simple step that you can take to optimize your furnace’s performance. Make sure your water heater is working right as well—there is nothing worse than taking a freezing cold shower on a cold winter morning! If your water heater is not working right, there are plenty of good plumbers who provide water heater repair in DC. If you do find that the water in your house is not as hot as it should be, try turning up the thermostat first. If that does not help, it is time to call the professionals.


Don’t Break The Bank On Utilities


Furnaces and water heaters are great devices for D.C. winters, but your utility bills can add up very fast. On days when it is just a little chilly, try to see if you can avoid cranking up the thermostat. Bundling up is a good option for beating the cold, even indoors. It may seem a little silly to wear a coat and hat in your own living room, but this can greatly reduce your utility bill. Oh, and if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, use it!

Upgrading Your Washington, D.C. Home

As you know, housing prices in the D.C. area are through the roof! Finding a move-in ready home, with all the bells and whistles, that fits your budget can be a very tall order indeed! What you will likely have to do, as a D.C. area homebuyer, is purchase a fixer-upper and turn it into your dream home. Not only will this increase the home’s resale value—it will allow you to add your own personal touches. Not only that, it will give you a sense of accomplishment at having taken an active role in your home’s transformation. This article will describe some of the ways that you can upgrade your D.C. home, so that it can become your D.C. dream home.


D.C. Window Upgrades


If you bought a fixer-upper, chances are your windows need some serious TLC. Luckily, there are many window companies here in the D.C. area who will not only sell you new windows, but will also come and install them! Storm windows are a popular upgrade as they provide maximum insulation, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. If security is your main concern, consider purchasing glass block windows on your ground floor or basement. These thick blocks of glass are nearly impossible to break, and will give you a feeling of security.


Plumbing Upgrades


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There are many reputable plumbers who provide plumbing upgrades in DC. One plumbing upgrade that can be very beneficial – and perhaps necessary – to your D.C. home is the repair of the actual pipes themselves. If your pipes are old and weak, consider upgrading to cast iron piping. Not only is this one of the most durable pipes around, it is also “quieter” than other pipes, so that the typical plumbing sounds you might hear in a house will not be as loud. Another popular upgrade is a whole house water filter, which will filter all water that comes out of your tap, no matter which faucet it comes out of.  Speaking of faucets, most D.C. plumbers are able to upgrade your faucets, sinks, and showerheads as well. This will insure that your plumbing fixtures have the sleekest look and the most efficient performance. Finally, if you feel that your water is too “hard” (high in mineral content), try installing a water softener. This will make the water in your house much gentler on your clothes, skin, and pipes!


Cosmetic Upgrades


If the D.C. home you purchased is not exactly a sight to behold, don’t worry. There are many aesthetic upgrades that you can do at relatively low cost. The good news is, whatever hideous decorating decisions that the previous homeowners made can usually be undone. Ugly carpet can be removed, hideous wall paper can be stripped, and awkward paint colors can be painted over. These are all improvements that you can do yourself, with a little time and elbow grease. There are also various little touches that you can add to make your home more beautiful and more valuable: crown molding, granite counter tops, recessed lighting, and tile backsplashes are all very popular. With these upgrades, you are well on the way to owning the home of your dreams!


Tackling Your Renovation In Washington, D.C.

In D.C.’s blazing hot housing market, homeowners are always looking for new ways to get their resale value even higher. The sky is truly the limit here in Washington! One great way to increase home values is through renovation projects. This can seem like a daunting task, not only in terms of the actual sweat and labor, but even in terms of the planning! Don’t worry though: if you own a home here in the Washington, D.C. area, and are looking to undertake a major renovation, this article has you covered.


Renovating Your Bathroom




D.C. bathroom renovations are becoming more and more popular. These days, it seems like every bathroom in the capital has recently undergone some amazing renovation project. This is one of those cases where it is a great idea to “keep up with the Joneses”! Renovating your bathroom can add great value to your home, as a beautiful bathroom can make a great impression on potential buyers. There are many ways that you can beautify your bathroom. Adding new tile is certainly a popular upgrade. Updating the lighting in your bathroom can also add a little extra touch of elegance. For better functionality, try replacing your sink with a double vanity. This convenient feature allows two people to use the sink at the same time—no more fighting over who gets to brush their teeth first!


Remodeling Your Kitchen


A kitchen renovation can add big bucks to your resale value, and we mean big! There are many popular upgrades that you can currently see at kitchens all over D.C. One of the most popular upgrades here in the D.C. market is granite countertops. Granite is durable, sturdy, easy to clean, and really catches the eye. This is a rather costly upgrade, but it will do wonders for the resale value of your home. You might also consider adding a backsplash (tile is a very popular choice) to add that extra eye-pleasing touch. Consider updating your appliances as well—it is hard to find a high-end kitchen here in the D.C. area that doesn’t feature stainless steel appliances. Not only will new appliances add value to your home, they will make storing, cooking and cleaning food that much easier, allowing your culinary skills to truly shine.


Remodeling Your Bedroom


Bedroom remodels are another popular way for D.C. homeowners to increase their resale value. There are many things you can do to your bedroom to really set it apart. For one, try raising the ceilings, to give the bedroom a more spacious, more palatial feel. Speaking of ceilings, installing a skylight to allow for some extra natural light can be another great addition to your bedroom. Repainting or papering the walls is a relatively cheap upgrade that can really make the room pop! Choose complimentary colors and patterns that reflect your personal taste and style. All of the these bedroom renovations will not only make your bedroom more comfortable to sleep in, it will make it a hit with potential buyers!

Plumbing Upgrades To Consider For Your Washington, D.C. Home

There are many great plumbers here in the Washington, D.C. metro area who are able to help you with any plumbing upgrades and repairs you might need for your home. Undertaking such upgrades and repairs may seem like a daunting task, but with a little help from the professionals, it can be a breeze. This article will list some of the many plumbing upgrades and repairs that might be necessary for your home.


Shower Repair


DC drain service


For many of us, the morning (or evening) shower is the most relaxing part of our day. With a shower upgrade, it can be even more relaxing. A good D.C. area plumber will be able to adjust the water pressure exactly to your tastes. They will also be able to repair or replace your showerhead, so that the water flow is exactly how you like it. Such upgrades will not only make your shower more comfortable, they will actually save you money, as leaky showers are a major source of water waste here in the D.C. area. If you have recently purchased a brand-new shower or bath, a plumber will be able to help you install your new purchase.


Drain and Sewer Upgrades


If you are looking to perform a major renovation on your home or property in the city of Washington, you need to be aware of the D.C. drain and sewer codes, as it is necessary that your property is always in accordance with these codes. Before you begin your upgrade, consult with a local plumber. They will tell you exactly how your plans will alter the drainage and sewer system on your property. If needed, they can provide the necessary adjustments, so that you are still in-line with local regulations, even though your property underwent a dramatic change. A good plumber can also perform drainage and sewer repairs on your property. If your sewer line is broken, or your septic tank needs repaired or replaced, a good plumber will be able to get your property back in tip-top shape.


Emergency Plumbing Repairs


Let’s face it: plumbing emergencies happen, especially in old houses. Washington, D.C. is home to many beautiful, charming, historic houses. Unfortunately, with all of that charm and history often comes old, rusted pipes and outdated plumbing systems. And let’s not forget that even newer homes can have plumbing problems every now and then. If you find yourself waist-deep in a plumbing emergency, whether it is a clogged drain, a broken pipe, a broken water heater, or a backed-up toilet, you need to have a D.C. plumber who you can call at a moment’s notice, and who you can rely on to fix the situation promptly and for a reasonable price. This may seem like a very tall order, but fortunately, there are many plumbers here in Washington, D.C. who provide 24-hour services. If you can find a go-to plumber here in the D.C. area, all of the sudden your plumbing emergency becomes much more manageable.



Finding The Best Service Providers Here In Washington, D.C.

One of the greatest perks of living in Washington, D.C. is the sheer variety of what is available. Looking to go out to eat? You have countless restaurants – serving every type of cuisine – to choose from. Looking to go to a museum? You could spend months touring all of the amazing museums here in Washington! Looking to go shopping? Whatever you are looking to buy, chances are, there is a store in D.C. that has it. This same variety applies to service providers as well. As a new homeowner here in D.C. you have endless contractors, plumbers, landscapers, roofers, and repair companies to choose from. This variety can be a blessing and a curse: you have access to so many different service companies that choosing one can seem like a monumental task! This article will offer some pointers that will help you narrow down your search here in the D.C. area.





Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Around



Information is power here in the capital, and your connections can go a long way to ensuring your success! Use those same connections when searching for the perfect D.C. service provider for your home. Whether you are looking for D.C. plumbing services, electricians, roofers, or any other type of service provider, chances are good that your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues have ample experience working with all of the above. In almost every case, they will be more than willing to share their insider information with you. This way you can figure out who will provide you with superior service and whose work may be…well…less than stellar. What’s more, if you have a personal connection to a D.C. area service provider (in a “friend of a friend” sort of way) they may offer to provide service at a discounted rate. While this is not a guarantee and certainly should not be expected, it could be a pleasant surprise!



Utilize The Internet For Your Search



The internet is a great tool for finding a wonderful service provider here in the Washington, D.C. area. There are several sites that, like the yellow pages of old, list all providers in a given field of service. Since D.C. is such a populous area, any comprehensive list will be several pages long. Luckily, the internet can help you separate the good from the bad as well. There are many sites that not only offer contact information for various local service providers, but also reviews from actual customers here in the D.C. area! This can be an excellent way to get an opinion (and even a second, third, and fourth opinion!) on a service provider that you think might be a good fit. Another word to the wise: the internet can also be a great tool for finding deals. Many service providers offer discounts on their website that you can take advantage of. You can also try checking local coupon and deal sites to see if you can save any money on your next estimate or service appointment!



Plumbing Upgrades For An Aging Population

Time is one factor that no one can control. As time passes, things continue to age. The circle of life is no mystery to any of us. The task of coping with the changes that are to come can be troublesome. One area of the home where the most injuries occur in older individuals is the bathroom. To protect yourself, parent, or loved one from injuring themselves in this common area of the home, there are a few upgrades that can be done.

Some upgrades you can do on your own, while other upgrades will require the assistance of a professional. The do-it-yourself upgrades are generally the first things that are attempted, before outside assistance is called in. The upgrades that can be done without any professional assistance include: changing door knobs, installing grip bars, and purchasing a nonslip bath mat for the tub.


DIY Plumbing Upgrades


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Door knobs may need to be replaced, if they are hard to grasp. It is important to remember that as you age, you may not have the same amount of strength you once had when you were a young chap. It is important that the knobs in your residence adapt to your capabilities. If a knob is too hard to turn, then it needs to be replaced.

Grip bars can be installed to allow an easy transition from a sitting position to a stance. The nonslip liner for the bath is a given. If your legs get wobbly from standing in a place for too long, adding water into the picture can make the task dangerous. Along with an anti-slip mat a waterproof chair or bench can greatly improve safety. Most injuries occur in the shower, because wet slippery surfaces can put people with mobility issues in danger.


When To Call In A Professional


Simple alterations can be made to a bathroom to make it safer for elderly people. Small changes and additions can make tasks less daunting. However, if any major alterations need to be made to the bathroom or kitchen, these DC plumbing upgrades should be completed by a professional. Raising or replacing a sink, installing slip resistant flooring, and installing a special toilet all require professional intervention.


Raising Or Replacing A Sink


Elderly individuals that have issues bending over may elect to have their sink raised to make the task easier. A professional should be called in to complete this service, to ensure that it is done correctly. Wheelchair bound individuals may also need to have their sinks lowered to accommodate their needs. Homes are not readily equipped or sold with these modifications, so they will need to be done at some point by a professional servicer who offers DC plumbing services.


Installing Slip Resistant Flooring


Slippery surfaces are a danger zone for elderly people. Not only is an elderly’s person’s mobility jeopardized, but if they were to fall, it could have detrimental effects. If the tile in your bathroom is glossy or slippery when wet, to avoid accidents, have it replaced.


Installing A Special Toilet


The shower and the toilet are two of the most important parts of a lavatory. If an elderly person has a problem getting up from the toilet, or sitting on it, a special toilet can be installed. These special devices can be adjusted to a height to eliminate the danger of going to the bathroom. No one wants to hear that a loved one has gone to the bathroom and is unable to vacate the facility, or has been injured attempting to do so.